/52/The Egyptian Dream

 I have this recurring dream which I have entitled the Egyptian dream. I awake to the light from my window there’s an unusual expression on my face which i later learn is the expression of happiness; i make a cup of tea and walk out onto the roof (as my flat is situated on the roof) light a cigarette and i stare out at Cairo; the Egyptian orchestra is in full swing the sounds of car horns, people shouting and the call to prayer; its a beautiful sound something I have always loved when I’m there i always miss it when I come back to London yes England has its orchestra but its not the same its more shouting profanity and rap music. 
I notice a girl on a balcony she catches my eye and smiles and walks back in, i get changed and get ready for work (in my dream I work for a English written newspaper and at night i do a bit of stand up comedy) 

Unlike in England there is never a best time to travel the roads are always busy and chaotic; 

At work i type away while talking to my colleagues; i get a call from my grandmother who asks me if i’m hungry? I tell her I’ve eaten. 

Work finishes and i go visit Salah and we have a pepsi and crispys as we talk about architecture and films; later that night i go out with my other cousins Ahmed and Hisham we go bowling then to sit in a cafe smoking sheesha; I see the girl from the balcony waiting for a taxi she looks tired, i think about saying hello but before i can she gets into a taxi. 

I don’t normally subscribe to love at first sight but she is slowly changing my mind towards this. I find myself wanting to know her name. I had seen her a few times before she has one of those disarming smiles, and her eyes could melt the angriest of souls. 

I get back home and am stopped by my aunt Samia who tells me to come in and eat with the family. 

We’re all sat together my aunts and cousins sitting eating and talking; i stay for a few hours then go upto my flat and go go sleep ready for the next day. 

The next day comes and i follow my routine except today is my day off, start the day off doing some shopping; i pop go metro which isn’t far from where i live, i see her again walking, I pluck up the courage to talk to her. 

I say hi she looks at me and gives a small but friendly smile, we walk together talking, I tell her about London and she talks about her family, i find out she’s a teacher and loves her job, the next few months we spark up a friendship; i meet her family and we get on. 

I take her out one night on a trip on the nile on a big boat: food and entertainment, we’re sat by the window her face and the way the light reflects on the nile there is nothing more beautiful than this, 

I pull out a small box my heart beating fast, as i get down on my knees and ask her to marry me she says yes. Then sadly that is when i always wake up, at first happy then realising where i am i burst into uncontrollable tears (ok i don’t actually cry but i always feel like I’m going to) 

So that is my Egyptian dream.



2 thoughts on “/52/The Egyptian Dream

  1. It’s weird to hear someone talking about the Egyptian dream. I don’t want to be silly. But Regarding the shouting people and noisy sounds, If you lived in Cairo you’ll be one of the performers of this symphony. Otherwise, I really understand what you feel and talking about and it’s true that Egypt has it.

    Finally, I’m happy to be mentioned here 🙂

    Thank you

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